3 Techniques of Carpet Cleaning Bromley

Carpet is a must at every home. The carpet keeps the feet toasty, cushioned and comfortable. However, it is very important to maintain it nicely for its longevity. It is not very easy to remove ink stains, food stains and beverage stains from the carpet so it advisable to give the carpet to the professional to clean it nicely. 




Techniques of Carpet Cleaning Bromley


1. Carpet Absorbent Technique: It is a very quick and easy method to clean the carpet at very little time. Small amount of detergent is mixed with water in a water spray bottle and then lightly spray in the affected areas and it is then blotted dried. 


2. Bonnet Method: In this method a rotating brush is used along with water to moisten the affected parts. Some water is then sprinkled on to the rug area and it is then excess water is blotted out with a pad and it is dried with a vacuum. 


3. Steam Technique: It is the common method to clean the carpet. Firstly, vacuum is done and then the detergent is added and then it is cleaned with steam.